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From Solyka and Valentin Date: 22-Nov-2014
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Thank you so much lbk, we found each others love:)
From Steffanie and Heinz Date: 04-Nov-2014
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thank you ladyboykisses because i found my german husband here in site ...2 monhts a go he very handsome,cheerful,sweet and lovely husband....,we have meet as a perfect match here and we are now true couple in love and we intend on getting married soon. We have never been more happy than we both are now and even though it took a while before we found each other, we have and couldn't be more in love and we are both looking forward to sharing our lives together as husband and wife.we meet me in real this coming december 28 i know i have a little bit nervous to meet him in person because he is my first german fiancy forever.............
So many beautiful ladyboys too many hearts that could be broken so many opportunities for love.

I have met my handsome on here and I hope that we can be together soon.......and I would like to thank to because I found my destiny and now im happy because I am with him.. and thank you to all gud lock everyone ..
From Kelly and Charly Date: 04-Nov-2014
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First I would like to thank to LBK because I found myself here...

Love is colorful and has so many faces and Love comes in all shapes and sizes. For me LOVE is a
very important thing even if it means hurting myself again and agtain, so Im still positive after a
lot of heartbreaks, Before Im just gonna find my place and I wanna hear my sound. Till I foun
LBK wich is the right place for me to look someone who willing to share his life with me. Because
before I dont want build a relationship with someone just because Im in a right age and still
single for almost 1 year. For wrong reasons, maybe I just wanted to wait for the right guy.

Till I found Charles....
His the one who light me up and grab me into the darkness of hopeless,give me strenght and
most of all to be inloved again. At first its hard to both of us because of a thousands miles of
the distance between us. But I do believe we need another human being to make our life
complete and his the one who completed me.

Its been 3 weeks since weve met and I know its too early for me to have rejoice but I believe that
he is the man who wil love and accept me for who and what I am today.

And now I have no fear of failing,because I have accepted the important thing in my life and thats it, is to accept that Im not perfect. Because the faster you realized your going to fail at
one point or the order.

I Love You so much Charles... Your the one and only for me and thank you for coming into my

Thank you very much LadyboyKisses

Hug and kisses...


From Paula and Mike Date: 25-Oct-2014
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I was born to loved you. I will prove it to you. Thanks for loving me! I'll be waiting ♡♥♡♥ love you as always
Thanks Ladyboykisses! ★
From Michael Fogarty and Vanessa Date: 08-Oct-2014
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I met her in Vietnam in a coffee shop. It was just a regular meeting.
Couple of days we meet again. Finally I had to talk to her because I might not see her again.
...and there was spark!!!!!

You are my girl baby!!!!

Thank you Ladyboykisses!
From Allan and Maria Date: 02-Oct-2014
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I met her 2 years ago.
We are planing to get mariag when she will come to visit me in Denmark
We will stay togetter for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ladyboykisses!
From Barbara and Alex Date: 28-Sep-2014
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Thank you very much this wonderful site lb.
I've found my true love. His name is Alex from Germany.

He is very nice and loving person. We always talking every sunday, whe he was not work.

He decide to visit me here in the Philippines to make sure that I am also a simple/loving ladyboy.
I will give to him all my support/love/trust and I will love also to cook tasty foods/native foods to make him happy with I am waiting for you, I promise to love you forever.....
From Georgia Ranera and Mike F. Date: 25-Sep-2014
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It is a pleasure having this site! Thank you LADYBOYKISSES for bringing us together. I will be forever grateful having him as he is the perfect partner for me and as far as i know he is in to me too. I have posted our photos here before but someone did make a mess, but that was a challenge to us, and glad we've overcome it!

And now, we often see each other, me going to overseas and trying to build our relationship and hopefully soon we work it out, moving permanently to our dream country.

He is so gentleman and kind, giving me what i don't even asked and even more! Our relationship is drama free and stress free. A perfect partner indeed!

So, to all ladyboys looking for true love, be patient. Someones out there waiting for you. I have had few failed relationships before but i don't regret any, it made me a better person I am today. Now, I am writing this, feeling hopeful and determined with our aspirations in life.


Georgia with love
From Chris and Anni Date: 24-Sep-2014
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I am so grateful to Ladyboykisses!!!

I have met the most beautiful wonderful lady and she is going to come to England.

We are going to be married! We talk every day and make our plans for the future

I can't wait till we are one! I never thought you could find true love on a dating site, but we are so in love!

Thank you ladyboykisses
From Michelle and Michael Date: 03-Sep-2014
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Thank you so much for coming in my life!

I'm so lucky I found you.

I Love you and hope soon we will be together..Im always here for you.....I LOVE YOU
From Michael Woodward and Michelle Gwapa Date: 02-Sep-2014
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Thank you lady boy kisses for bringing me and Michelle together

I have found the lady of dreams and we are now a loving couple together, Michelle Gwapa is the lady that has made my life complete and I am so happy that we will now spend our lives loving and sharing with each other, I can tell within my heart that Michelle is my one and only true soulmate and I will always be there for her, I am so happy that we are committed to each other and I am hoping that one day very soon we will marry
I love you Michelle and I am so happy that you are in my life and that we are creating our own success story in love together
thank you so much lady boy kisses for making our dreams come true
From Jazz and Tony Date: 15-Aug-2014
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Thanks for Ladyboykisses!!!!!

I've found a right man here!

I am very happy that he is sincere to me and I feel that he likes me and love me so much!!!

I am very excited to meet him!!!!!
From John and Arianna Date: 02-Aug-2014
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One Week Ago - A big white bird delivers the most beautiful LB in the Philippines to her loving Asawa in the UK.

13 months of planning , heartache , set-backs and successes made our Hopes become Reality.

Now we can legally MARRY and be accepted as Man and Wife in England

If it can happen to us , Never give up your Dream and be True to Yourself - There is someone out there for you
From janna Servana and shawn Date: 01-Aug-2014
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Thank you so much Ladyboykisses!!!!

I was able to find the love of my life on your nice site!

I will always remeber the opportunity and goodness. 

For Without you I wouldn't have found him.

Wish us luck that our relationship will last.

Thank you once again...

From Ralf and Tzardy Date: 17-Jul-2014
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Hallo Leute;

habt den Mut den letzten Schritt hier zu gehen, ich habe es getan und einen wunderbaren Menschen kennengelernt den ich über alles Liebe.
Danke Tzardy das du in mein Leben kommst, ich liebe Dich über alles und ich möchte ein neues Leben mit dir in Deutschland beginnen.
Danke LBK für dieses Portal und das noch viele den Mut haben den wir haben.
Ich habe die Liebe meines Lebens hier gefunden und diese Liebe hat nur einen Namen TZARDY TZARDY TZARDY.
Tzardy ich liebe Dich.
From Adisorn and Jo Date: 09-Jul-2014
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Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that we found each other on LBK and things are going well for us. Adisorn came to Germany to visit for three months and we spent the time travelling Europe and building our relationship. Unfortunately, she must go back to Thailand soon; but we are currently working on applying for a marriage visa for her to come back so that we can live our lives together.
So don't give up hope! There is someone out there for everyone. Our hope is that you find that person so that you can be happy too!

Thank you for giving us the oppotunity to find each other ...

Best wishes,

Adisorn & Jo

Remark..: Thanks god. Sent him to me... he is such a lovely guy , kind and caring...
From Bony and Ernest Date: 21-Jun-2014
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I was so blessed and thankful on this dating sites,
because finally i found my love of my life.,. sharing our vows last months.
I know now that same sex couples are accepted in the other countries.
Thank you once again!
And now I am in good relationship
From Sui and Rian Date: 03-Jun-2014
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Thank you for the opportunity of meeting someone very special... Rian, is the I love of my life, and is definitely a gift from above we both feel blessed to have found each other here. We plan to have business together and marry soon. Had it not been for your site we may never have found each other in this lifetime. Many thanks again Sui & Rian.
From Ben and Carla Date: 27-May-2014
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Thank you Ladyboykisses,

thanks to you I have found the love of my life.

We are in a very happy relationship and are deeply in love!
From and Date: 10-May-2014
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